Excellent Service is Delivered With Passion

When I train our referral partners to send their members to our company, I make some HUGE promises related to the level of service they can expect from my team. I’ve even been accused of implying that my staff can ‘Walk on Water’! Well they do not walk on water (that position was filled over 2000 years ago), but there is a reason why I feel so comfortable making large promises regarding the service level of my team: THEY DELIVER! Each of our staff members truly cares about the businesses they have the privilege of working with and they know their stuff!

At CheriPerry.com we know that our staff is Passionate about what they do because if they are not, we do the only logical thing we can do- we help them find another job. A little tough you say? Perhaps- but when you are dedicated to delivering a certain level of service, you have to take a hard stand with your team. They will have to KNOW, SEE & GIVE in order to DELIVER that rarest of gifts: Excellent Service!

KNOW: Leading by example and conveying your dedication to service is how your team will KNOW what you expect and what type of service your company provides! If you are unclear or vague in your expectations, you send a very different message and that will translate to mediocre service (at best).

SEE: Your team is always watching to SEE how YOU provide service to your customers and to your team. You are always setting the stage for excellence when you interact with your team and the way you deal with sub par service also sends a mighty message! If you find yourself being tempted to ‘let this one thing go’ or you are tempted to overlook a less than excellent delivery of service- it will just be a matter of time before your entire organization is doing the same. Likewise, if your personal service to your own staff is less than stellar- be prepared to see that reflected in the service level delivered to your customers.

GIVE: Very few people in service related positions realize the impact their job can have on those they serve. Think about a time when you received Excellent Service: didn’t the experience leave you feeling great? When teams realize that their job is touching people and making a difference (instead of just answering a phone or sending out a product), they begin to see their role as a giver- as a Gift Giver.

Poor service is very common today because people have forgotten their value and the value they bring to others! Encourage Passionate Delivery of Service as a way to increase customer satisfaction AND you will be pleasantly surprised to find that job satisfaction increases right along with the level of service. Work with your team to remind them of the contributions they make to your organization. Set the service bar HIGH and don’t back down. Encourage your team to see the People in the Process because Excellent Service is delivered by teams who are Passionate about being Gift Givers!

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