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Through countless presentations and publications for over 40 years, Zig Ziglar communicated the perspectives, knowledge, and the systems for achieving everything you want in life, and to helping others achieve what they want in life.

Attending Mr Ziglar’s events changed my life and I was fortunate enough to wind up getting to know Zig and his family personally.  His genuine character, coupled with his strong faith inspired me then and continues to inspire me to share his teachings and his legacy with everyone I meet.  As a Certified Ziglar Legacy Coach and Trainer, I have also had the privilege of having several friends and team members embrace Mr. Ziglar’s teachings and together, we are determined to continue spreading his timeless messages.

“You can have everything in life you  want, if you just help enough other people get what they want.”  Zig Ziglar

Cheri Perry (Founder) Without a doubt, you were meant to achieve success in every area of your life: Mental, Spiritual, Physical, Family, Personal, Career and Financial. Contact me and let’s work together to use the tools generated by a life devoted to helping others. Whether it is a workplace environment, a community event, a school gathering, a church event or a workshop, I would be happy to help bring the message of hope & encouragement through any of our programs.

Ziglar Coach/Certified Trainer, John Maxwell, Master DISC Trainer

With all of the negativity in our world, nothing is as refreshing as the message of Hope & Love. As a certified Ziglar Legacy Trainer, I feel responsible to share Mr Ziglar’s message and work to add as much positive energy as I can! I love working with businesses, tribal groups and any community organization that loves to have fun while they are learning valuable lessons!

DISC Certified, ZLC Certified

Corporate America is screaming out for the messages that Zig Ziglar created his legacy from. I’ve spent my career working with teams of people and the life lessons available through Zig’s teachings are timeless jewels. Engaging teams through training or facilitating is my specialty and I’m excited to make a difference for you and those you work with.

DISC Certified